Artificial Intelligence in Safeguarding
Your Crypto Future

Judge AI has engineered powerful smart AI tools adept in scanning cryptocurrency contracts and real-time environments. Safeguarding and strengthening decision-making for investors by providing global 24/7 live access to ground-breaking security features.

Trustworthy Cryptocurrency Auditing

In the realm of digital assets, JudgeAI provides accurate cryptocurrency auditing backed by advanced algorithms, expert human analysis, and a commitment to transparency. Our proven track record and dedication to integrity guarantee reliable insights, empowering investors to make better informed decisions.

Doing Your Own Research?

At JudgeAI, we understand the complexities of crypto auditing and recognize the pressing demand for immediate safety enhancements in decentralized finance. Our user base is inherently investors, driving us to tailor our solutions to cater to every investor profile, be it speculative or long-term, novice or experienced.

Our Gitbook is unique, full of detailed information, and constantly expanding in response to user feedback because we understand that investors require both in-depth analysis and quick reference.

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Our Key Features

Step into the future of cryptocurrency security with JudgeAI's unparalleled Smart Contract Analysis platform. Here, confidence meets innovation as we redefine industry standards with a new level of insight and features simply not found elsewhere!

Smart Contract Analysis

Next-generation AI analysis powered by Microsoft Azure, delivering comprehensive contract analysis and vulnerability scanning. Designed to detect and alert investors to coding mistakes and deliberate fraud.

Multi-Tool Solution Suite

Empowering investors worldwide, enabling our users to scan crypto contracts anytime, anywhere, with 24/7 accessibility: On-the-go via Telegram, feature-rich on our flagship dApp, or integrated across partner solutions.

Freemium User Model

JudgeAI is committed to providing free thorough contract analysis for all investors! Our freemium model also offers premium options catering to professional users, ensuring a healthy, valuable and sustainable ecosystem.

Registered Company

As a registered company headquartered in the United Kingdom, we offer transparency, authenticity, and credibility to our solution partners, B2B service providers and, most importantly, our investor user community.

Anti Benchmark Protection

JudgeAI proudly presents the world’s first proactive benchmarking protection! Laying the foundation for a safer DeFi by stopping a fraud method frequently used by scammers across all legacy solutions.

The JudgeAI Jury

Our unique AI is trained by auditing professionals known as Jury members. The Jury seats are designed to expand in tandem with ecosystem growth, also accommodating partners and DeFi champions.

JudgeAI Roadmap Highlights

Discover the key milestones from our short-term Roadmap.

Website V2

A fresher visual experience, highlighting our unique features and advantages over other solutions.

Flagship dApp MVP+Beta

Press and media demonstration, followed by a community demo, concluding with a public beta release.

Revenue Share MVP

Developer resource allocation to integrate the JudgeAI revenue share module into flagship dApp.

Partnerships / 3rd Party integration

Partnership Announcements / Developer resource allocation to JudgeAI 3rd party integration MVP.

Our Telegram JudgeAI bot is live!

Begin leveraging our exceptional bot for audits on Telegram.

Start Auditing

Start a Chat with the JudgeAI Telegram Bot

Receive real-time crypto contract analysis and comprehensive security assessments with ease! Seamlessly access intelligent insights through our intuitive menu structure and lightning-fast results directly in Telegram, catering to both desktop and mobile investors.

Easy Audit Requests

Effortlessly request crypto contract audits through JudgeAI's Telegram bot. With straightforward commands, users can swiftly, efficiently, and securely trigger audits, tapping into our advanced analysis tools powered by high-speed, globally balanced nodes.

Instant Audit to PDF Output

Our Telegram bot includes an instant export feature, allowing users to receive real-time audit summaries pushed directly to PDF format. This functionality is highly flexible and ideal for sharing audit insights with friends and fellow investors and social media.

The JudgeAI Ecosystem

Transforming a market requires careful planning, innovative solutions that add value, and transparency to and from your community. Below are our solid foundations, welcome to the $JUDGE ecosystem.

Token Name: Judge AI
Ticker: $JUDGE
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Buy/Sell Tax: 5/5
Treasury: 0x012...0fa0
LP LOCK: UNCX 1 year
Funding Overview: Gitbook
Holder Tiers: TBA